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They say that the key to invention is the need for function.  The same goes for fashion.  Most of what is modern day fashion is derived from functional design.  More specifically, it is amazing how much of our modern day essentials come from military need.  From tampons to duffle bags, sunglasses to outerwear, so much of our current every day life has evolved from war based design.  Below are three of my favorite every day wardrobe essentials that were originally designed for wartime.

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      From an ancient murder to present day political issues, the safety pin has had a long, colorful life.  It’s a tiny little tool that we use every day without thinking about, and yet it’s got such a long and interesting history.  Whether it’s protecting you from evil spirits, holding your pants together because the button popped off, or making a statement by wearing one through your ear, the simple design and function of the safety pin has allowed it to survive thousands of years, and regardless of technological advancements, will probably survive a thousand more. 

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