Item Hightlight: TopFoxx Sunglasses

Desert Mariposa Boutique is proud to now carry TopFoxx Sunglasses, a brand made by women for women and gives back to the community with every purchase!

“Topfoxx is more than just a brand of sunglasses - with everything going on in the world, we want to be a dose of positivity for everyone out there”. - Helen Gretts, CEO

Shop a variety of styles in the TopFoxx collection or the In Store Shop collection! 

Welcome to Desert Mariposa Boutique!

     "Life is made up of memories and special moments.  I believe that the perfect outfit can make those moments even more extraordinary and memorable. As the owners of Desert Mariposa Boutique, it is our mission to create a space full of those super special pieces."

XOXO Scarlett and Chelsea


December 3rd, 2022 will forever be the fateful day that would lead to the life changing friendship that has developed between Scarlett Tompkins and Chelsea Adler. As two small business owning moms, Scarlett and Chelsea are both passionate about fashion and each owned their own women's clothing
boutiques. Scarlett’s boutique was known for its vibrant colors and
southwestern styles, while Chelsea’s store was breaking ground to become a go to shop for trendy comfort items with a beachy, bohemian flare. They each opened up spaces within Proper Shops, a pop up style retail space in Downtown Tucson, where they quickly began to rely on each other to cross market and style shoppers between the two boutiques.
Despite their different approaches to style, Scarlett and Chelsea shared a common struggle as small business owners. They both faced challenges in competing with larger chain stores and online retailers. Yet, they were determined to succeed and provide for their toddlers while staying true to
their creative visions. The creative energy within Proper Shops propelled their relationship and gave them the space to build a solid foundation of empathy, understanding, and a common goal. Instantly drawn to each other's energy and passion, they became fast friends and realized they had a lot in common, often bonding over their shared life experiences as mothers and

As they spent more time together, Scarlett and Chelsea began to brainstorm ways to support each other's businesses. They realized that they were truly two women catering to a similar demographic and running entire businesses
on their own, and by combining their strengths and resources, they could create something truly special, not only for their customer base, but for and with each other. Inspired by their friendship and mutual love for fashion, they decided to merge their boutiques into one cohesive brand.

With their complementary styles and shared values, Scarlett and Chelsea are determined to make their new store the ‘go-to’ boutique in Tucson. Their collection is a perfect blend of Scarlett’s colorful, free-spirited style and Chelsea’s timeless and comfort driven designs. Together, they are creating a unique space where women can express themselves through fashion and find pieces that speak to their individuality.

Through their journey so far, Scarlett and Chelsea have proved that friendship, collaboration, and a shared vision can conquer any obstacle. They hope to become an inspiration to other entrepreneurs, women, and moms, showing that with determination and support, anything is possible. And so,
their story serves as a reminder that sometimes, the most beautiful things in life emerge from unexpected partnerships, genuine female empowerment, and the power of friendship.

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