A Taste of the Divine

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Written and published by one of our shop owners!

**Please check trigger and content warnings listed in the product photos. 

The Divine Series, Book I

Lilly Carmichael is a twenty-seven-year-old self-proclaimed workaholic who has built a life around her career as an architect and being better than the men she works with rather than maintaining a functioning relationship with one. Priding herself upon her talent and her ability to floor a man’s ego with a single glare, she’s led a simple and focused life establishing herself among her male colleagues…

…until she wakes up in Hell.

Without the time to even truly accept her new reality, Lilly is guided deeper into a realm she had never even thought existed. Everything she’s believed to be true about the world - the universe - is being challenged before her very own eyes.

When she suddenly finds herself standing at the threshold of the Devil’s door, staring into the most gorgeous pair of blue eyes she’s ever seen, Lilly has no idea that she is about to be thrust into a world of myth, power, and love…or that she holds the key to the fate of that world within her very own soul.